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Going abroad is always an exciting experience. Sometimes we already know the country where we are going to, but it is also possible that we cannot even locate it in a map. However, the more we know about our hosting nation, the more profit we can take from our visit, since some aspects such as history and culture allow us to understand better what we see and to learn from it. Apart from this, there are also other practical facts that are useful to know to for the daily live, from some language basics to the currency or the national holidays. This section wants to provide you with all this information.

However, before leaving don't forget to take a look to Useful Information. You will find information about the papers and documentation you should take to different countries, plus some good tips for traveling. Besides, in case you fall in love with the new country you just discovered and you would like to stay there after your project, we offer you some addresses to find a job and place to live.

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