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There are plenty of good weather sites on the web, for example The Weather Channel. In addition, we provide you here with average temperatures and current weather for selected cities.

E garden.jpg

Average maximum temperature in °C

country code city January July
A Vienna 1 25
B Brussels 4 23
D Berlin 2 24
DK Copenhagen 2 22
E Madrid 9 31
F Paris 6 25
FI Helsinki
GB London 6 22
GR Athens 13 33
I Rome 11 30
IR Dublin 8 20
L Luxembourg 3 23
NL Amsterdam 4 22
P Lisbon 14 27
S Stockholm -1 22

Current weather

13615.gif 11034.gif 26849.gif 06451.gif 13353.gif 15614.gif 14240.gif 11518.gif 06180.gif 26038.gif 02974.gif 07157.gif 10385.gif 16716.gif 12843.gif 04030.gif 03969.gif 16239.gif 26422.gif 06990.gif 26730.gif 06590.gif 13586.gif 16597.gif 33815.gif 07690.gif 06240.gif 01488.gif 12375.gif 08536.gif 15420.gif 27612.gif 11816.gif 14015.gif 08221.gif 02485.gif 06630.gif 17060.gif 38880.gif 33345.gif 03772.gif